Anything and everything, the ultimate source of useless information

As Empty.

I hate myself now.
Used to be sarcastic and whimsical and now im just miserable, every time I see people outside of work I just get annoyed and tired. At work I just get stressed out and break down to the point I’m lucky I haven’t been fired… Kinda wanna be fired I’ll be honest. I’ll feel better just go.get 10x worse. Everyone’s gonna leave in the end right? I’ve spent so much money on shit just to try and feel better and all.the while.realising I spent the past year what I thought was helping someone but turns out was just trying to make someone love me.. Yeah I’m that much of a fuck up I’ll admit. I’m like a clock running down slowly and there isn’t any fix.
I think Emma will save me when that’s fucking selfish, she’s happy and I.should leave her the fuck alone
I just wish I could talk to.someone
I’m so sick of breaking down and being miserable.
I’m sick of it all.
What’s the point.


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