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Life without the sunshine

My heads in more of a mess than usual, I was always scared of the prospect of losing you but now it’s happen… Well I forgot how much it hurts. The worst part is, I haven’t thought about anything other than you for days now and I thought I could go without you… What an idiot…
You told me I to stand on my own to feet and I didn’t realise how hard that was when we’ve been supporting each other for this past year. I can’t believe how much of my life revolved around you, I geniunely feel like there’s a hole in my chest.
Its good that you don’t wanna talk because it would just hurt more knowing your talking but not really there. I always said I wanted to leave this town, and as much as Ive been thinking about it I honestly couldnt leave not without my best friend. Didn’t realise you were literally everything to me, didn’t think I’d ever love someone this much.
I’m really trying but Im just not happy without you it’s even worse this time around. I need her my life because without her I don’t even have one.


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