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Love lasting, harmony in despair

It’s not funny anymore.
I try and say ‘do what makes you happy’ and I can’t do that myself, if I followed my own advice I’d just say how I feel.
Youre the easiest and most difficult person to talk to and I honestly love you so much. But I don’t know what I can anymore, to keep you close I have to hide how I feel but to KEEP you I have to tell you how I feel. Bout to lose the one person in the world I can’t literally live without for.the exact same thing that happened two years ago…
Fucked if I do, fucked if I don’t. Two years ago was the worst thing ever and Idon’t think I can do it again.

And I’m sat like two.foot away from you and I.don’t.have the nerve to.say any of this because I’m just so scared to lose you.


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