Anything and everything, the ultimate source of useless information

Ill go anywhere, anywhere with you.

I think that comfortable silence you can have while staring down a dark country road is awesome. All I’ve wanted ever since lil Alex jr was tucked up in his pj’s being read the Hobbit for the first time or watching Luke Skywalker leave tatooine and head out to save Princess Leia, All he ever wanted was adventure. Home is behind you, the world is ahead! And seriously just a late night drive with someone whos company you enjoy can be an amazing experience. A sense of freedom that just feels good, youre not tied down to anyone or anything and you get to sit with the person who means the world to you and you can actullly just be idiots, go bat shit random and just be 100% unfiltered you. Its nice to have someone to just be you around, like not hiding behind false pretenses or silly lies just two idiots being idiots and escaping all the crap that haunts them. Home is behind you, and who knows where that road ends, find someone you can be yourself around completely and find out!


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