Anything and everything, the ultimate source of useless information

I get by with a lil’ help from my friend

Second thought maybe just maybe its time to finally put myself back together. You’re my best friend! There were days where I never thought that would even be imaginable but weve both grown up alot and booyah Alex earned the power of self respect Scott Pilgrim style! (Minus the sword) im stuck in a lame ass job where I feel crappy whatever the day and I force a smile.. but that isnt what defines me. Yes I may be a glorified pizza maker… yes a crappy laser tag salesman and radio technician.. But do you know what else I am besides that and the hella good hair? Im a writer! My words could be weapons on any battefield of over zealous minds! Im not an idiot and its important that I remember that sometimes and you know niether are you reading this, so be an optomist. Do something clever, do something you want to do, be the person you want to be! I think thats the lesson I’ve been tying to learn all these years and the past few days made me realize how much a person can see the good in you all you have to do is let them see it. We look in the mirror and see all our silly little insecurities,  but you know what? What you think is flawed someone else probably loves but even with that the only person you should be trying to Impress is you! Just like L’Oréal you, yes you! You are so totally worth it and never forget that.
You stay classy… planet Earth.


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