Anything and everything, the ultimate source of useless information

Still insane like a Dandelion on Crayola

I don’t know. My life be like oooh ahhhhhh dunno! I’m stuck in the past and I feel like a litle kid again, but I want  to not be trapped by thoughts of someone who’d like me better corpsified(not zombie just deadsy) even my best friend can’t cheer me up anymore, which means I’m officialy screwed. Why can’t I move on? It’s been months and i’m just sat here hoping I kill me! Just to stop the whining if anything, I miss her but she doesn’t miss me but my heart can’t accept it, stupid heart? What if I cut it out, pfft do I even need it anymore? Blahhhhh this is my head now! No bracket guy, feels like i’ve finally gone and merged with him. I should probably expect my death if he takes full control… Ah well.

P.s Sorry for going insane.

P.s.s Buy pancakes, pancakes are awesome.


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