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Plotting the dark demise of Kurt

I’m back! Again! Oh don’t be shy I know you guys have missed me. But if not I know where everyone of you lives and i’m wiling to rectify the situation of you not loving me… Wow, that was dark wasn’t it? I apologize for that(I WILL MAKE YOU LOVE ME!)Oh ignore him he’s in one of them moods. In the real not the fake internet world of random guitar strings where I am king, I need a job! (I’LL PAY YOU TO KILL YOURSELF) sigh, well they say you’re your own worst critic I guess. But seriously i’ll pimp my ability to use words until I cramp up… From all that typing. (bloody pervets out there) all I have is my sarcastic, sour nature and that’s about it. I may be a pessimist at the moment I guess, but i’m seing the bright side(haha see what I did there? Because I’m actually an optomist?…) Ok so comedian is out of the question, i’m just gonna sit back listen to the Stereophonics and plan my revenge on Kurt with Gary Barlow who’s dressed as Godzilla. No, I don’t know why he’s dressed as Godzilla…


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