Anything and everything, the ultimate source of useless information

The Blah Effect

I’m in a really weird place, not being able to sleep is common place of course and so is this mind set to be fair. Although I really don’t know what I want or even what the heck to do, I see my friends a lot but I always seem to end my days, good or bad just feeling empty. Ok, yes it’s obvious that I know when most of the feels originated and because of that I just can’t look at anything the same without thinking of you or just looking at a Dvd rack was somehow a lot more awesome when I was with you. I hate being scared of being even the slightest bit emotional because for some reason that makes me an arrogant and sarcastic bastard and while I hate myself for it, I can’t stop, see this is why having emotions is fucked they screw you up no mater what happens. All in all guess i’m just tired of fucking up and feeling down.


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