Anything and everything, the ultimate source of useless information

Publishing Failure

I spin around and throw my arms in the air! cos’ i’m doing the spin around and throw my arms in the air dance obviously! Duh, why don’t you get with the program, no not that channel up a bit more, down a few, no up once more… There that’s the one i’m on about! What do you mean you don’t like it? How does it lack the artistic taste which you so desire? Pffft loser. Am i crazy? I feel i’m giving of that sense to be honest and if i do i apologize to you, yes you the reader/person/cyborg/alien/lizard queen/king/eskimo (see i in no way discriminate against my audience… plus i had some not too happy Eskimo’s up in my grill over that last one) I Yoke, See egg humor is mildly entertaining at it’s best and don’t make me use it again! What the heck am i writing i here you shout only mildly enthralled by the tale i’m spinning you into, the answer is: Blergh. You got me i have no idea what i’m writing, I’m just in a ‘Slap the keys in a rhythmic motion to create almost plausible sentences’ I failed that at the beginning. Why am i so optimistic, i tried to be a pessimist i really did and i was so hopeful about how successful i would be at pessimism… hence the failure. Life is crazy hectic and at the same time boring as hell, you try and convince yourself you have feelings then like a ninja yo-yo’s they spring back and knock you unconscious. Damn you ninja yo-yo’s who the hell do you think you are?! AT this point i feel the need to smash my hand to pieces with a mighty Thor like hammer just to save all you lovely people from my fountain like spouting of terrible nonsense!


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