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Running through the Trees

Fuck…. i mean it this time, fuck. I try not to swear alot but this time i find that as a word it sums pretty much everything i feel at the moment, i feel helpless, lost and even though i’m surrounded by friends pretty damn alone. Sometimes i’m not sure a what to believe or what is actually true anymore i want things to be simple and yet someone a few days a go that meant a hell of a lot just up and dissapeared because of several reasons it’s all pretty hazy but still i can’t help but fucking missing her! I hate myself for multiple reasons at the moment if i’m being honest and i feel pretty damn down. You can probabaly tell as i’m not being as arrogant on this one that i’m not my upbeat idiot of a self and i have no idea when i’m gonna be back to annoying the masses and a sense of normality. I have no idea what to say, do or even think now, arghhhhh i need someone to just slap me in the face and get me out of this weird trance! If anyone’s in the area and willing to slap/kick/punch me in the face let me know as i would much appreciate it, just to put me back into my stupid old place where i could be myself and trust the ones around me because as of recently i haven’t been able to do anything. Man i just need to sleep for like a month and get my head back in place, that would sort me out until i can thing what to say to her i guess…


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