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Hammer Time

I’M SO F****** ANGRY RIGHT NOW! …but i’m trying to stay calm… BUT I REALLY WANNA HIT SOMETHING REALLY HARD WITH A F****** HAMMER! That’s in no way fair, i mean yeah i always knew god hated me but this, this is really a step too far i admit i doubted it and because of it i made things tough but then when i actually fall for someone who ‘apparently’ fell for me, i literally get treated like an idiot and kicked in the metaphorical chest of emotional proportions which eclipse even the sun and pretty much hated. It’s too bad i’m too exhausted to have a full on emotional breakdown as that would actually be quite amusing and entertaining if i like recorded it or something, although as i said effort so i’ll just sit here, possibly cradle myself in my pool of despair and listen to music really loudly until i go deaf or my head explodes. Although out of this holiday season is the revolution of the fact i can actually consume alcohol which i hear others of my age group view as a medicinal resource in a time like this and as chances would have it New Years Eve is approaching and that seems like the perfectly suited time to, as the new radicals and youths of today say get ‘Hammered’. I imagine this is not a reference to Norse mythology and the likes of Thor but who knows i could be wrong, also i shall layer myself with finely tailored garments or as i prefer to refer to it as ‘Suiting up’ and being awesome as honestly, why be sad when you have the option to be awesome which i think I’ve rather got the hang of. So yeah i really don’t know what I’ve just said on this webpage but i’m sure in someway I’ve reached out and touched you (…Not Groomed) and enlightened you on the current affairs of the day, cheerio.


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