Anything and everything, the ultimate source of useless information

Inner monologue

I got nothing. For once i’m at a loss for words not in a bad way just i have nothing to say, it’s a strange occurrence as usually people would try and gag me to shut my random wiring mouth for just a few seconds but now… i’m running in empty. I have nothing witty or amusing to share(Does he ever?) Man i hate that guy, the one who always has to throw his two cents in or as i call him brackets guy, he really is a massive git! always saying something hurtful or mean behind my back(Pffft man up and i have an idea why not make this a conversation and get your real feelings out in the open?)
Me: FINE, how you like me now!
Brackets guy: I don’t that’s the point….
Me: But technically you are me and i are you
Brackets guy: How bout one more time in English, idiot!
Me: You’re me…
Me: So that’s what telling a kid their adopted feels like
Brackets guy: Too dark man, too dark… you know what to hell with this im going back to my brackets!
Man i hate that guy! lemme tell ya i’m glad he’s gone back to his brackets! such a wind up merchant, anyway back to having nothing interesting to say. I’m tired but i have to stay awake other wise Santa will come for me i’ve been on the naughty list for 19 years and counting and well, Santa no likey he said he was gonna send the elves to and i quote ‘sort me out’ so i’m just gonna stay awake all Christmas ready to take down a few midgets(No offence to short people i only mean elves) See, i told you we could get along!(I hate you… go die) well that friendship lasted long didn’t it?
(I hate my life stuck with this idiot, someone save me?…please?)


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