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We are Godzilla, you are Japan

Cheer up you! It’s not the end of the world, but i can see it from here in fairness. You see other that horizon? that fiery mushroom cloud? yeah that’s pretty much us over! What the hell am i right? we’re all young even you older folks(No clue why your reading this but maybe you got lost heck im not judging you) we’ve lived a good life and it was fun while it lasted even the crappy parts, at the end of the day we’re all winners in our own rights, smart, sexy, individuals who can turn a phrase quite well! Yep just as you thought i’m referring namely to you *INSERT NAME HERE* you’ve made a difference to the world no matter what if you’ve been a smart-ass and made everyone hate you congratulations you’ve made people glad not to be you! some could say thats bad yet nevertheless its an achievement for you am i right? Or maybe you’re a rocket scientisct and invented nuclear missiles… ohhh… well i’m sure Godzilla is glad i mean you gave that tiny lizard one heck of a year, he owned japan and those guys are technical wizards let’s be fair! My point is whoever you are you make a difference to the planet turning just by being there, not one person on this rock is useless, we all have our roles to play, day in, day out and without you who the hell knows Godzilla might come back(No offence to you creator of nuclear weapons i mean im not gonna higlight your bad mistake any more… was pretty bad though when you think about it…) Overall everybody’s gotta learn sometimes that no matter how important you are in life, you make a difference.


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