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Serial Killer Wizards

Today i got told that i’d make a good serial killer, this worries me. ‘Gosh darn it Alex, why does being told you’d make a good serial killer phase you in the slightest?’ Good question my curious friend and as you have asked i shall reveal to you the answer in beautiful song! You want me to just answer it plainly without any dramatic effects… Okay then! Well you see serial killers kill people, i do not kill people, therefore the accusation was flawed (NOTE:I was not actually accused of anything, it was a whimsical musing of a fellow classmate… who died mysteriously after said lesson) FLAWED ACCUSATION IS FLAWED! Even though when i watch Dexter i completely, 100% relate to his dynamic character and on occasion can say exactly what he says before it happens… means nothing! It’s winter now, my fear of bears and wampa’s have now become serious concerns Swindon is swarming with them, yes their invisible but still if i tried to shoot you and said ‘It’s Okay the bullets are invisible you won’t even see them as they tear your body to shreds’ would you be ‘Oh that’s all right my good chap as long as your using Invisible bullets, Tally ho!’ (DO NOT REACT LIKE THIS, I KNEW SOMEONE WHO DID JUST AS MY EXAMPLE EXPLAINED, LONG STORY SHORT HE DIED! HE SPONTANEOUSLY COMBUSTED!) All of this is besides the point, i’m no killer unless that time i was hypnotized and woke up covered in tomato ketchup… that tasted funny… sorta like fanta… The actual point i was making is that you should never judge a book by it’s cover, unless it’s the bible in which case put that crap down and pick up a copy of something more believable like Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings, i mean come on! robes! a beard! wise! It’s the same story but Jesus gets replaced by Dumbledore and Gandalf! Pfft silly Wizards…


One response

  1. LOL… i read both the bible and HP. Dont think either are crap.

    December 13, 2011 at 3:28 am

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