Anything and everything, the ultimate source of useless information

Barlow and Satan’s magical tea party on candy cane lane!

Ok back to the randomness that you all love so much!… What do you mean you don’t love it anymore? What do you mean i’ve changed? WELL DO I LOOK LIKE I GIVE A DAMN, YOU KNEW WHAT THIS WAS WHEN YOU STARTED READING! I’M SO MAD RIGHT NOW GODDAMMIT GET THE HELL OUT OF MY PARAGRAPH! Anyway where was i? oh yes, sorry back on it now I’ve been far to open and emotional so i buried that part of me away with some horrible deep seated psychological wound and closed it like a portal to hell with demon blood and the tears of Satan himself(Making him cry isn’t as hard as you think ‘Yes Satan those horns do make you look porky and kinda like Gary Barlow in that BAD stage of life, I kid, i mean like Gary Barlow in general) My snowman is ordering me to kill the innocent but i told him i don’t know anyone innocent… now he’s sulking, but enough about Gary Barlow. I’ts all about you, yes you reading this right now, NOOOOO not that Shadow lurker behind you grinning and snatching all your people up, you. Truth is i don’t know you (OR MAYBE I KNOW EVERYTHING) which if your reading this, is a travesty in my honest opinion(I KNOW YOU BETTER THAN YOU KNOW YOURSELF) so let’s keep it that way shall we, i mean i have my problems you have yours(YES YOU SHOULD BE SELF CONSCIOUS ABOUT YOUR WEIGHT, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD PUT THE CAKE DOWN!) I’m joking my esteemed reader. At this point while having a sociable experience with you the reader… HA! i reffed to you as esteemed, you clearly don’t know what that means, i apologize for my smartical-….ness, you know i’m only having a friendly jest i have strong feelings of attachment to all those who read my blogs, expect you! That’s right, F*** you Kurt!
(P.s who’s Kurt?)


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