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One Sky

I don’t think anyone really gets me, i want someone who gets me and just feels right being with me. I’m not after the most beautiful girl in the world i’m after the most beautiful girl to me and in no way is that based on looks (sure i’m a sucker for a pair of pretty blue eyes but that’s not the point) I know people who are always wanting a relationship but i don’t think i do mainly as i seem to avoid any that come my way, It’s not my fault that i want that spark moment where you lay your eyes on someone and you think it’s fate. I’ve had moments like that sure but they always fade and you can tell it wasn’t meant to be, i want someone who’ll look up at the stars and see how amazing the night sky is and appreciate it for what it is standing by my side, just little moments and things like that are so special to me. I Had a moment like that recently except she was in front of me and i didn’t want to ruin it by putting my arms around her, it was a moment i’ll probably always remember and the fact she was their made it good in itself. I’m not saying she’s the one or i’m in love with her, i do love her but who knows… Tomorrow i may accidentally bump into a girl I’ve never met before and share a lingering gaze or a sheer moment of random fate that forever sends my heart spiraling into a new destiny, at the moment my hearts in limbo just waiting for a little shove, it could go either way but i know whatever happens it’ll be by some random misguided hand of fate that leads me to the one who may not even know me yet.


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