Anything and everything, the ultimate source of useless information


Suspense! Drama! Action! Are these three things missing from your everyday life? well congrats and welcome to the real world, you’re gonna love it…. or hate it depending in your inclination towards evil sword wielding mantis-men! I’m randomy and heck i do love a good random off! Spiffing good show! *Adjusts monocle* <— Not enough people talk old English, wear enough monocles these days or traverse the streets in finely tailored suits, tis such a pity. I'm rambling, am i rambling? am i asking you if i'm rambling? am i breaking the conventions of time and space and the writers wall? Is that me in your kitchen holding a knife… spreading myself a delicous piece of buttery toast? No. I'm in your bedroom, looking at your shell collection, and i must say i am impressed you are quite the shellonist! Have you missed my Ego? that's right it's grown so much that it has in fact evolved into a separate entity and believe me he will not shut up about you, seriously he's obssessed with you. I mean just between you and me, if i were you i'd get a gun and wait for it cos it's gonna come for you and when it does it will try and dismember you and digest you into itself! For real Bro! (For those who don't physically know me or are trying to forgo realization of my actual existence, i don't actually speak like that i was merely mocking the appauling use of language, True Story Bro!) I have massive bags under my eyes constantly it makes me look completely insane… i kinda like it, gives me an edgy feel! I have lost the point of this again am i ranting or rambling or rantling… Congratulations people we just created a new word!


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