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I’m Not From Mars

Where to begin? No i wasn’t casually starting the piece on a friendly levelled question that would put you on my wave length, i simply was asking myself where to actually begin in thinking about what the hell happened! I feel sometimes my actual feelings no matter how caring don’t come across, i’m too damn arrogant and sarcastic to actually emotionally connect with another human being and because of it i guess i can hurt people without realizing. If there’s one thing i’d put before all it’d be my friends and as i told you, you would be at the top of that group 14 years isn’t just a random number to me, it’s the length of crazy adorable gingerness I’ve had in my life and not gonna lie, i’ve loved every second of it. We never have a dull moment you always make me happy beyond belief just by smiling that chirpy insane smile of yours and being so stupidly sweet you kill the diabetic in me with the sweetness! As I’ve said to you before my life would suck without you i’d have no one to smile, smack and yell me out of the gutter. If i honestly had to say the friend who meant the most to me it’d be you (and relax everyone i love you all a hell of a lot though i’d never tell most off you to your faces!) my oldest bestest friend who shines so brightly and innocently with her amazing ginger hair, most people know my love of Doctor Who, and well missy you’d be the Donna to my 10th Doctor, always smiling, always fun and always off on some mad amazing adventure that’ll end with us both in stiches over something completely random, Love ya Luna and never leave or forget anything because your one of a kind, our adventures are stupidly amazing and we’re just too awesome together!


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