Anything and everything, the ultimate source of useless information

Simple Minded Individual

In twelve days i’ll be nineteen… dear god! I’ve been alive and done pretty much nothing for so long, don’t lie i can tell your impressed by my lack of any genuine skills whatsoever. Let’s just hope i can find a way to write something decent that sells or i’ll probably end up in a ditch somewhere crying about how oat meal stole my soul and sold my cat to the devil… How did i get to this stage in my life you ask? the stage in my life where someone instigates a conversation in Italian and i sit helplessly screaming ‘Uhhhhh WHAT DID SHE SAY!!!’ at two equally distraught and misunderstood human beings. I have no clue to be perfectly honest, oh and who knew the word ‘Sausage’ could cause so much chaos, never again will i use the word without realizing the impact it can have on two simple minded individuals(What? Why are you looking at me i wasn’t one of them… yes *Sigh* i was the other one) Although despite all the crappy moments which are usually few and far between i do really love my life and all the people in it, just for the fact your all insane and idiotic enough to still associate with myself. To end on a life lesson, never forget your friends whether they’ve been there for fourteen years or ten minutes, their your friends and you obviously picked them for a reason (Or i dunno maybe your some weird scientist who created them from used bicylce pieces and potato skins… if so kudos to you, you crazy bastard you) i’ll never abandon my friends i mean even if i haven’t spoken to em in a while if they need me i’ll be there talking away, as i do until people realize how unbearable/EXTREMELY AWESOME!!! i am and attempt to kill me… i mean, that has never happened… maybe once… a week.


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