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Crazy in a Good Way I Guess

A while back i remember my best friend fell for someone he’d never met in real life, because of it alot of people thought he had gone SHOOP DE WOOP(crazy that is) and especially because of the distance and everything. Honestly now i can kinda see where he’s coming from, i mean people say you need all these signs and everything but what if you actually meet someone who’s kinda perfect and just like you in every way, what would you do? Part of me thinks Alex you’ve gone insane…. sigh, we’ve been prepared for this day, here’s the straight jacket and get in this padded cell and everything is gonna be fine! WAIT, ALEX PUT THE AXE DOWN, STOP LAUGHING HYSTERICALLY, DON’T SLICE ME IN HALFAGAGHAGAGHAHAHHAHA….. Yep, i may have gone crazy and just so you know all my friend’s have been ‘WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU!!!’ and ‘OMG WHY DON’T YOU JUST TELL HER HOW YOU FEEL!!!’ and i have been making so many mistakes recently and i haven’t even noticed i’ve been making them which again points out what a fool i’ve been. The thing is i think im falling for you again and i’m kinda scared you don’t feel the same way, yes i’m an idiot for not realizing how i feel and yes i’m just generally an idiot anyway(there i’ve said it, everyone i am in fact an idiot it’s like all your christmas’ have come at once as i admit my stupidity) your perfect and i’m an idiot, that’s the way it is and i’m sorry for my idiocracy.


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