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Slap In and Across the Face!

If you love someone, why do you hurt them? Answer: YOU DON’T YOU SILLY PRAT! *SLAPS IN THE FACE* Now stop being a loser (hard for you i know) and apologize to the most funny, sweet and cute girl i know! <— Not me by the way, just someone who is annoying me and i never even speak to the kid. If you love someone you don't purposely set out to wind them up and make them hate you, learn that jackass! Sometimes i feel i understand relationships from a completely different view from those in them because they all seem to be kinda crazy if i'm honest. Had a pretty random day and realized no person on this planet should attempt to talk to me within an hour of me being awake, i will kill you, also it takes about 3 hours before that ego of mine (which you all love!) to really kick in and put me into my usual arrogant/lovable self. Lesbians are good, i know, random right? But i thought i'd throw that tidbit of informative randomness out there for all you lovely people. I think i'm still dizzy from all that spinning earlier and all that walking, i wouldn't say i'm fat or dislike exercise, i'm just the most lazy person you are ever going to come across in the whole time space continuum… So pretty damn Lazy! *Slaps across the face* i saw you dozing off there if your not gonna take this seriously get out! No! wait, comeback i didn't mean it, it was the Dr Pepper talking! *Door slams behind you the reader, as the writer can be heard sobbing 'please don't go!'* Ugh, glad i'm not that loser and i'm just the one writ… Oh i see what i did there… Well played me, well played!


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