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Make it Easy

When you have nothing to write why not just throw out whatever you’ve got, in this case however it’s not alot, i got nothing! Where do you see yourself in 5 years time? UNDER A BUS!!! I kid, UNDER A TRAIN!! i could never be bothered to do anything reckless like that ‘I’m far too fond of myself for that’ again i joke, although not joking to the point where you think i’m all ‘I hate my life, i wear skinny jeans and now i can no longer reproduce, brb gonna go stare at the rain then end my life’ <— Weirdo. I hate it when people don't like themselves for who they are and instead try to be someone else, I've seen people change themselves to be with someone in some pursuit of fake happiness. Why bother if i fall in love it's gonna be with someone who likes me for who i am and knows me better than anyone else yet STILL likes me! People look for an easy solution 'they're so pretty and they looked at me for a second longer than anyone else has ever looked at me! OMG MARRY ME!?!'. I've learnt from my own mistakes and from other peoples that you don't just love the first pretty girl you set eyes on because chances our they have literally nothing in common with you and are probably looking past you. While i know a few friends would suggest i did such and such, don't do that and oh you should do this with that so and so… It dosen't matter because as much as my friend's know me none of them know me enough to know how my heart beats (well maybe one or two do…) I'm trying to figure out what i'm really in love with when i fall for a girl and most of the time it's just the idea of love but then again, you really do never know what happens in the future and sometimes you don't even realize until it hits you right in the chest and you just fall.


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