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Glass Half Broken

I guess it’s good to have those breakdown moments right it means we actually do feel, i mean usually i’m all like ‘Bitch please, what heart oh you mean my bad-ass shard of ice?’ but then a day like today happens and instead you’re all ‘Hang why do i feel that, I DON’T HAVE FEELINGS! WHAT IS THIS LEAKING FROM YOUR EYES?’ I’m guessing also there must be a reason why you get so worked up over some things more than others. Then you get to the point where your both physically and emotionally drained and have nothing to do except try to calm down and not flip out anymore, even if you do realize why you got so effected you can’t just fix it because you know what you realized is TERRIBLE! Hmmm this isn’t as random as i would have liked, i’ve swapped humor for emotional whinging and it makes me want to go through a trans-dimensional portal and kick myself in the head for being such an idiot. My eyes feel like lead, and heavy lead at that, REALLY FUCKING HEAVY LEAD! Ohhhhh have just realized why i’m so tired!!! never walk when you can bus the effort is unbearable… unless the person your walking with slaps you in the chest the whole way, then you’ll find yourself complaining more about that than the actual walking. Then in the bus text someone saying you took them hostage, spam you with gibberish and ultimately cheer you up that little bit when you really need it to be honest. I wish my glass was full of Dr Pepper, God i love Dr Pepper now that is one Dr i wouldn’t mind treatin me if ya know what i’m sayin! So once again i have sullied a sweet moment of general honest compassion with randomness but admit it you wanted it to happen! ;D


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