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Toast to the skies

Not actual toast like bread, that would be frightening in fact this may be the most random title for a post i’ve done (True Story) but alas, i’m not sure what to write or even how to feel atm…. this may be a bit more heart felt than usual, MAY! i promise nothing. So you think your in love with someone and your oldest friend ends up leaning on you for support and you feel useless cos all you wanna do is be there to comfort her… Random week is random. Now my emotions are shot to pieces, who do i really care about and who really cares about me or who actually uses me just because they have no one else or need my help for something… and i know your all concerned, i understand, you’re all asking…
Why the fuck did he name it ‘Toast to the skies’ it’s because i’m hungry and was contemplating making toast, which is a much happier subject than love which is painful and crap and always ends up going the exact way you don’t want it to and me being a hopless romantic can’t help but keep going forward and trying to be all charming, sweet and someone that will fall in love and be happy with. What the fuck am i even saying anymore i have lost the plot and it seems i’m taking you all with me but go on admit it you love the crazy randomness as much as the next one, you saucy minx you!


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