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Sexy Trampoline

I have the emotional consistency of a trampoline, i think that’s a bad thing yet trampolines are known to be fun! all bouncy-bouncy and having a good time(does that sound sexual?) you ever meet a girl and think wow she;s cool, smart and funny…. wait did she just say boyfriend! *sigh* this has happened way too many times in one week, am i ranting? sounds like i’m ranting? do i have some weird obsession with question marks? Meh, you can call me Edward E Nigma because i ain’t stopping!(If you didn’t understand that then 1: It’s the Riddler and 2: you’re not nerdy enough to read this) i feel like I’ve missed the point again, why do i feel like that really awkward time i had with that girl is about to happen all over again for several months. Is my life trapped in some sinister cycle of misery, arghhhhhh somebody save me, i don’t wanna go through all that crap again it was so lame! think i may go find a trampoline, trampoline’s always cheer people up and if they don’t then THE TRAMPOLINE IS FLAWEDDDDDDDDDDDDD!


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    well lets hope that this article is going to be read by a lot of people, cause they really need to see this one

    June 20, 2012 at 6:48 pm

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