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Pipe smoking for Dummies

Now listen here little lad/ladette *Smokes classical pipe* let’s take a moment to get to know each other, What’s your name?…. Ok don’t reply its ok i understand you don’t want to tell me, i’m fine with that (I’M DYING SLOWLY AND EMOTIONALLY DEEP DOWN BECAUSE NOBODY LOVES ME) just kidding i unlike some people am not a bitch, sorry i meant attention seeker LIKE SOME PEOPLE!!!! yet i feel the most depressing point is that the kid who whines on about his life 24FUCKING7 gets all the attention from any girl in his vacant area and still gets the other girls as well AND ALL HE EVER DOES IS GO ON ABOUT FUCKING VIDEO GAMES!!!! Seriously i try and be as nice and kind as possible put my heart out there and everyone’s all like ‘awwww Alex you’re so sweet’ and ‘AWWWWWWWW I can totally telling your gonna go out someday’ and shoop de woop you’ll find me crying myself to sleep(jokes) like Chuck Norris my tears would unexpectedly drown the world and kill us all. Man i have had enough with being all lovey dovey it sucks, isn’t worth it and you end up getting hurt repeatedly (want to know what it’s like try ‘Swagger Jagger’ on endless repeat)Seriously the worst thing is they always fool helplessly in love, out of the blue and the day before your about to tell them how you feel….


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