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What’s in a name?

You may be wondering why this is called Random Guitar strings, well i have an answer for you, you pretty little thing you… yes i did mean you. It all began in the times of the Romans when Augustus stood victorious over Marc Anthony.. actually I’ve just bored myself lets skip forward a bit. The year is 2011 and i typed into the word box thingy that said ‘BLOG TITLE:’ and it was on this day that the blog you are reading right now is named ‘RANDOM GUITAR STRINGS’ the legend began. Wow that was random, honestly i have no idea why i named it that probably in a funny mood, Maybe i called it that because i wanted to treat you like a guitar and pluck you, i mean your strings.. on the guitar that is. Who knows maybe i wanted to get all heavy and philosophical to get inside your head and there i would read you like a filthy book, man i cannot quit with the random gibberish can i? (<- Rhetorical question) I imagine i've now split most readers into two groups, the first group will be shocked and amazed that i have the vocabulary to know of the word rhetorical, while the second group hasn't got to this sentence yet as they're still staring intently at the awesome arrow i created in the brackets.


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