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Upgrade Anyone?

A while back i stopped writing on this because i got to touchy feely (emotions i mean…. not in the way your thinking) but anyway since then i had all my organs graphically removed using a saw and screwdriver and became a Cyberman, fun eh? On a more serious note…. wait, hang on i don’t do serious… anyway where was i oh yeah back to all the emotional stuff, well i got none, i do offer advice DON’T HAVE FEELINGS FOR PEOPLE! one person finds out, then another, then the actual person finds out and you’ll be all like who the hell doesn’t know anymore which is awkward when your talking secretly to someone then realize the rest of the table knows except that one welsh kid. It’s also weird how this year i actually wanna be at college and be with someone even if i’d have to sit around for hours whinging(trust me i can’t help it) yet i’m stupidly tired half the time and i think it makes me seem uncaring, yet i want to be all lovey dovey. My train of thought has definitely gone of the rails.


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