Anything and everything, the ultimate source of useless information


From the second you’re born you start to die, how dark is that? Life is a countdown, human beings have a time limit, ideas like these are strange, a really weird way to look at life because its not a light theory and the fact that it’s true sends you into a whole philosophical spiral of questioning of life and its meaning. Any who, i like the way killers created for entertainment are always made so human, as if all killers have a rational way of looking at murder and the act of taking a life for example Dexter Morgan is shown to be a character who kills depending on his moral ethics ‘Is this person good?’ he has to be sure they themselves are guilty people who have themselves killed, then you have characters like Patrick Bateman, who kills just to go against the social convention, just because he can and even as seen at the end of American Psycho, the idea of him being a killer is perceived as a joke by all his friends and his own lawyer. In contrast a killer who is shown through a film, the Zodiac Killer is believed at times to be essentially killing people to initiate a cat-and-mouse like game leaving hints and clues, sending ciphers out to newspapers with warnings and threats, with an overall intent to keep the story in the press and ensure his fame, his crimes could then be seen as a way to make his life meaningful. So the real point is, how can you make your life meaningful, make it worth something… well i’d just like to point out i’m not saying become a killer, and to the that there’s sometimes a person remembered on par with a killer, the man who figures it out, thats one way of making life meaningful.


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