Anything and everything, the ultimate source of useless information

The Lionheart

Is the heart always right? or should we pay more attention, to our heads? I used to think i’d always follow my heart but as times gone by that’s changed, i know people who have followed there hearts and have got hurt, however i also know people who used their heads and ended up missing out.
Hearts = feeling and emotion
Minds = Thought
Putting it like that we should go with our hearts, but that may not lead us to what is right after all. some times we look back on the decisions and choices we’ve made and we regret what we’ve done. To be honest its not a choice thats made in an off beat moment, often in the heat of the moment we go with what we feel is right and thats when we’re either condemned or congratulated, and because of that good people can often be condemned, it may be that what we do defines us but often in life people make assumptions and judgments based on trivial matters like looks or intelligence, which is wrong, everyone deserves an equal chance. Just because you think something doesn’t make it true which leads me back to ‘thought’ it’s good to rationalize things but sometimes you have to put some feeling into a decision in oder to get the best outcome, and sometimes maybe following you’re heart may be the right thing.


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