Anything and everything, the ultimate source of useless information

Mr Brightside

Life can be awful, life can be great. Usually your view of the world can be split in two:

Optimist – Life is awesome, things go wrong but they can be fixed, there the ones with the awkwardly cheerful sayings like ‘every cloud has a silver lining’ these guys believe that the world can change and everybody can turn out happy and nice and all the other things that are only ever possible in a fairy tale.Generally my point is its Ok to be optimistic but sometimes things are going to go bad and you have to deal with it.

Then if you flip that coin,

Pessimist – life sucks, i hate life basically the view of an emo with less emphasis on the impending suicide to them every choice has a dark side, to such an extent you’d think Godzilla fighting god, while nuclear missiles swarmed the earth and a moon sized meteor crushed us all would be a happy child’s painting(sounds like it was done by Shinji Ikari) Yeah Ok, its a given, at times life sucks but why actually go around expecting the worst case scenario, thats like walking around with a ‘PUNCH ME!’ T-shirt and saying thanks when they do it, its just not normal.

Both have there ups and downs so why not be the same, try and be optimistic but understand when its time to look at the other side, that way you’ll always be prepared.


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