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Fear of The Unknown

If you know me, you’ll know it’s fair to say I’m not a religious person… by far, Yet at times even i question a higher level of existence, uncontrollable forces etc…. How did the universe begin are we the only remnants of existence in the galaxy or is there more life out there, why bad thins happen to good people, the reality of fate/destiny. All questions which boggle the minds of religious leaders and scientists, no one is certain of the truth, in essence it’s fair to say we don’t even know ourselves. Does a person do good things because they are in fact a good person or is it because they do things to make themselves think they are a good person? can one gain redemption after doing something truly terrible? if fate doesn’t exist does it mean we have to face up to the idea that in fact we are responsible for are actions, If god doesn’t exist does that mean we are all soulless entities who will eventually fade away, and if he does and when that day comes when we die, we would have to accept him as our judge, jury and executioner. it’s strange, William Blake, a poet, didn’t damn religion but instead damned the church and it to an extent opened my eyes, religion is a corrupted establishment, say if it is true and ‘we are all equal in the eyes of God’ why does that give the church the right to cast hatred towards Homosexuals/races/atheists/agnostics/other religious factions aren’t they equal? Religion is flawed in many ways and those who preach it usually break more of their vows than they keep, but in my view of God I’m honestly not sure, whether i believe it, i fear not knowing the truth, or just simply i fear how i will feel when that day comes and i may be wrong. After all, one thing that’s a definite fact about humanity it’s that we greatly fear the unknown and that is what divides people between believing in destiny, chosen paths and God’s will or science, choices, decisions and that ultimately we’re in control of how our own lives turn out.


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