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‘Dulce Et Decorum Est’ by Wilfred Owen, it translates roughly to ‘it is good and right to die for your country’

Owen in his poem claims this to be the ‘old lie’ and that it is wrong. Patriotism, in many ways is a thing of the past, unless you live in america or are aged over 80. If you live in America, the stars and stripes are everywhere which i find funny as in comparison our red cross rarely sees the light of day unless its the world cup/Olympics and if your over 80 chances are you have a good patriotic feel left from the war, out of honour for your country. Other than that society has let patriotism slip greatly, depending on your view that’s either a good or bad thing, in my honest opinion I’m not too sure but i know some could see it as bad, disrespect to the monarchy, government and all that jazz, though one has little to no power and the other either abuses power or cripples whatever patriotism the people of this country had stood for. My view is patriotism is pretty much dead and even those who strongly believe it, which i respect, may have a hint of doubt about this countries greatness. Admit it the last time you heard someone say ‘for Queen and country’ you were watching 007, Owen in 1918 even had doubts about the sparkling British Empire if the candle was dwindling back then at the glorious age of the Empire surely its close to being snubbed out. If war came to this island and The Government asked for soldiers i can imagine ‘hell, iv’e played COD/MOH, lets go win a war!!’ sigh, gun-ho Idiots in my opinion, but i wonder who would go for pride, respect, adventure, excitement or peer pressure, and i wonder how many people would go for patriotism?( i wonder how many students would go if Cameron and Clegg asked for volunteers…)how many would risk there lives for their country? and how many would go because they believe the old lie….

Dulce Et Decorum Est.


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