Anything and everything, the ultimate source of useless information


Starting to think the reason i don’t sleep much is because when people think I’m awake I’m usually sat staring into space ignoring everything, I honestly don’t remember the last time i actually paid attention in a lesson. Unlike an emotional flip out worse than Vesuvius erupting again where i poured my heart out time and time again sounding like a stale valentines card, i guess i’m back to my old self and i admit im pretty sure i’ve always been one of those people who live in the past. I always look back on things i should have done but didn’t and now when i imagine how things could have turned out i should have gone for it (this isn’t just a relation to one things its most things) but the fact you look back and regret means you have a reason to go forward, you have to go on and make sure you don’t make yourself another reason to regret again.
everyone makes mistakes all the time, but we learn from them and as we do we improve ourselves, no one is born perfect. My point is if you constantly live in the past you have no hope of moving forward you’ll just live in regret and fixate on how it went wrong rather than looking forward and changing, daydreams are good but life is better by quite a distance. To be honest who are we to say this isnt a dream anyway, we all have dreams so maybe one day will be just like a good dream, everything will be amazing for that one day and the next will be a nightmare where everything goes wrong, both will pass, life goes on, and maybe one day you’ll face a decision to make your life a dream or a nightmare. Don’t make it a decision to regret, listen to your heart and just go with the flow.


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