Anything and everything, the ultimate source of useless information

Yeah…. Just a dream.

I see the world in black and white, devoid of colour every one seems miserable stuck in depressing lives and i know how they feel, it’s how everyone feels these days. but whenever i try and put some colour into life i feel like i get punished for feeling and i mentally go through hell, and this often runs in a continuous spiral every time i do. The world is stuck in a nightmare where the same problems and mistakes constantly repeat themselves and if you try and change the world the nightmare descends upon you and destroys you. You rebuild yourself and try again but it will never work you either Die in a dream or Live in a nightmare either way you’ll face the same end. The only real escape i can see is to keep your head held high, try not to let things get to you so much and believe some day the world will change by itself, it got here by itself didn’t it?, after all, all dreams come to and end bear in mind though they usually end with a great fall. My words of advice to you Whatever happens, happens.

‘And I find it kinda funny, i find it kinda sad, the dreams in which im dying are the best ive ever had.’


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