Anything and everything, the ultimate source of useless information


Wow people are confusing, no two are ever the same which is good cos it means we’re all unique, but at the same time it makes it so difficult to get everyone, it takes time to get to know each person and if we have a lot of friends it can be quite a challenge. Now i’ve said that I love how unique and different people are it means some aren’t emotionaly screwed up like myself, how can you ever be bored when you’re with such different people, of course we choose are friends cos they’re similar. We all have things that make us unique traits, hobbies, personalities all may be similar but i gaurantee they’re never the same. ‘We’re born alone, we die alone’ physically yeah that makes sense i guess, but mentally we have all the people we would have ever met and cmon even if you were a lonely person that’s still a hell of a lot of people. Even when your at your lowest point and you think their is nothing to live for dont ask what is their to live for, look at the things that you still have which are worth dying for. With that image i have a hell of a big reason not to die they’re are things i still wanna do, things i wanna see and people i wanna stay alive for and with that mentality im not gonna let anything bring me down, or stop me not while i have a reason to fight. Anywhere can be a heaven its up to us to make it exist, nothing comes easy, if we put the effort in we can change the world however we want, it’s our lives, so we’re the ones in charge and we decide how our world ends up, so lets make it a good one.


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