Anything and everything, the ultimate source of useless information


 Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m not a winner, I’m nearly a loser somehow though i believe i escape that catoegory, i don’t pass subjects i merley don’t fail. I’m technically a loser, but in other ways I’m definitely not, when it comes to girls NOOOOOOOOOOO luck whatsoever i mean ever and even when i get rejected i help the other guy(seriously, whats the deal with that ><). i have a serious disease which i dont even care about, when i think about my mental situation i probaly have some serious mental disorder which i’d rather not think about, i get down sometimes even by just thinking. Love just annoys me pure and simple i mean whats the deal all you get is hurt EVEN when your not in a relationship, cos you ended up falling for someone who just likes you as a friend. My point is mainly not that life sucks but its harsh the only way i got through it was to stop being a ‘weirdo’ and got my act together, for all i know im an underdog, i’ll keep losing time and time again, but one day, one day i promise i’m gonna win big, be loved and be awesome.


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