Anything and everything, the ultimate source of useless information


The truth is fragile, can be broken easily and always leads to pain,which is why people try to hide the truth because they fear the idea of their own truth being wrong. Which is why we lie, lies are used to hide the truth be it big or small we use them the same to try to bury things we dont want to know, or occasionally things we dont want others to understand. The truth however is actually a good thing afterall a great characteristic of an honourable person is the fact they are truthful and of course honest, in the end the truth is sometimes so great that in order to find it out you may have to dig deep and realise things you didnt want to know, but when you find it it makes it that whole lot better. So when it comes to the truth, its always worth taking the risk despite what it may involve because at the end of the day the result is almost definatly worth it and to be honest we’re all seeking the truth, we just haven’t found it yet.


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