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Strawberry Sundae

Wow that’s… dark, that’s… depressing, and WOW that stuff is boring, seriously did you read all those blogs i did? Man, look guys im sorry they were crap most were so depressing i wanted to get a gun go back in time and put a bullet in my head, was such a whiny brat, i think i hate him, i mean honestly i think i physically hate that guy. He should eat a strawberry sundae, grab a friji maybe or even order a large dominoes pizza and just enjoy that thin slice a heaven because he clearly needs it. Damn I’m so annoyed if any of you see that guy again punch him in the face, and i mean really F****** hard. These days whining gets you know where, you gotta go out in to that big wide world, kick it in the face and show it who’s boss now that’s how you deal with a situation or you could lie around, lazing about taking naps and eating pizza… actually i like the second option, maybe if the first option paid, then we could maybe make a deal, nah screw it I’m lazy ill take the sleeping + pizza and while your at it, throw in a strawberry sundae, now we’re talkin about the good life, unlike that miserable bastard who’s long gone.

P.s you can pay me or buy me a sundae or a pizza…. if you want, i don’t mind. ;D


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