Anything and everything, the ultimate source of useless information

Equivalent Exchange

‘To create, something of equal value must be lost. This is the principle of Equivalent Exchange.’

Sometimes i wonder if this principle actually exists, as at first you may dismiss it ‘Pfft, no way the world is more complicated with more scientific ideals to explain how things work’ or ‘its all about Luck, Chance, destiny that sort of thing’ but believe it or not, the premisses of Equivalent Exchange are true, think about it. A student who revises for exams often succeeds because of the work they put in and another simple example a farmer gets produce because of the time they spend taking care of their animals and provisions but if you want it in even more laments terms something we were all taught in primary school, a tree takes in carbon monoxide and in turn distributes oxygen, something is given yet something of equal value is lost. If you look at the fundamental views of the theory through science then its flawed in some ways of course, yes, but from a philosophical view its true and to be honest its something that i always keep in mind, in terms of a way of living its pretty good to live by in all fairness.


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