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Waltz for Zizi

People are way too stressed, day in day out worrying they think that just because it’s a new year everything is going to change ‘New Year, New Me’ How? You’re exactly the same as you were December 31st, there wasn’t anything wrong with you it was just your attitude/outlook/mindset that could do with a change, but anyway on December 31st 2011 at midnight you’ll still be going on about the new you and how much better you will be and every year following you’ll probably make the same claim(if the world doesn’t end in 2012 that is) So, why do it? people like you the way you are, you have several hundred friends on Facebook, loads of followers on Twitter, and countless people out in the real world who wouldn’t hesitate to call you a true friend, So why beat yourself up and become a new person? because your not good enough the way you are? Pfft says who? The only person who can choose how you live your life is you, that same person is the one holding you back, so ease up and amidst everything don’t lose who you really are. If we were all the same the world would be dull, we’d all wear the same thing watch the same thing and eat the same thing, and lose that spice and variation which makes life so interesting. Don’t go trying to change yourself to suit someone chances are there not worth it, you are unique special and not one person out there is the same as you(unless you’re a twin….. badluck XD)whether its fate, destiny, the future whatever its called let it go and dont worry about anything!!! enjoy life and take a break now and then, its your life so live it the way you want.


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