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Yeah, so superhero’s don’t exist (have to admit I’ve actually considered the idea of going out with an S on my chest :P) but that doesn’t mean Hero’s don’t and No, a hero doesn’t have to face of against deranged lunatics, or stop a speeding train with bear hands and definitely don’t have to wear spandex. A hero is someone who goes the distance to help the people around them, who tries to put others before themselves and someone who doesn’t take there friends for granted. We all have the potential to be heroes to any one its just most people dont try, they get to wrapped up in their own problems and believe why help someone when they need to help themselves or they feel they cant help because they don’t know how or what to say. who cares? i know even when I’m fed up, I cant stand to look at the world around me, maybe even try and shut myself away, if a person asked me for help id never refuse them. Sometimes all it takes is for one person to show an act of kindness and even that can help, if we all tried a bit harder to be nice unlike the small minority of people at the moment the world could be that little bit brighter. Some people could easily stand back and watch some one get hurt, which is wrong deep down I could never just stand back and watch someone get hurt, people say my biggest flaw is being too nice and caring too much, although the way i look at it that’s my biggest strength. Knowing that my friends have always got me to lean on as a pillar of strength and hope means a lot, i know that they may not ask for it a lot but whenever they need help ill always be there, and you know so what if some people do take advantage of that kindness you’ve just proved your a better person than them. You don’t have to have an S, a Bat or even a Spider on your chest to be a hero all you need is honesty, hope, a little bit of justice and a good heart, and that is what counts in a real Hero.


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