Anything and everything, the ultimate source of useless information


Wrath, Extreme Anger, Pure Hatred and Incomprehensible Rage all are symptoms of Wrath, in many ways the worst and most serious of the seven deadly sins. From Wrath stems things such as revenge, vengeance and anarchy the very idea of destruction pushed into the word hate and hate can change a person completely make them a different person and not exactly a pleasant one. A person with Wrath is fuelled by uncontrollable rage and anger, and as of such don’t think clearly and bring everything crashing down either to make themselves feel better or because they get joy out of doing it. All things that mattered just fade away and the heat of the moment generally becomes the normal way of looking at things, imagine yourself full of rage and that in the heat of the moment, imagine you felt like that 24/7 and that’s generally how a person full of Wrath feels. Just because you say you stand for justice, Wrath generally turns justice into revenge which usually ends badly for all those involved, which brings me to the point of it being the worst sin, Unlike most of the other sins Wrath does not just overly have a bad effect on the person with Wrath but because of their actions and judgement it spreads out and usually ends up effecting all those around you, Wrath unlike the other 6 doesn’t just destroy you but because of all the rage and hate it usually ends up destroying everyone you know as well.


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