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Don’t Look Back

NEVER, EVER LOOK BACK!!! if you do, you realise the mistakes you made, and you end up realising you’re the biggest idiot in the world, you end up regretting that one decision you should have made but didn’t, and how your life could be completely different. Sometimes however looking back changes you for the better you realise the choices you should make in the future and what you shouldn’t do next time, make sure you don’t get caught up in the moment and especially make sure you listen to your friends I mean the ones who are always there, not the ones you think will be there. A lot of the time the things they say aren’t trying to piss you off there just trying to help in their own way and I know from experience I really should have listened because i always end up regretting the fact I ignored them. But whenever I look back I see those two mistakes I made it hurts, because i went with my heart or so i thought both times and ended up getting crushed, when to be honest I knew I liked her and kinda felt she liked me so why, you ask did i not go for it? because id rather chase after people that didn’t like me, id rather make them feel better than make myself happy. Now all i ever think about is how I screwed up and don’t think ill ever get that chance again so I’m going to stop looking back and focus on the road ahead and who knows maybe ill get another chance, sometimes you realise certain things are worth fighting for, however make sure you choose the one that means the most and not necessarily the one you think means the most, stop take a deep breath and look at the one who actually makes you smile, cheers you up and always makes you laugh because they’re the ones worth fighting for.


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