Anything and everything, the ultimate source of useless information


Feeling lazy? its 2 o’clock and your still in bed? sitting around when there’s important work to be done? do you leave all your work til the last minute because you can’t be asked? then you are in fact guilty of Sloth, another of seven the deadly sins, its considered as almost a way of wasting life that has been given to you. Overall its just extreme laziness, which means its not exactly the worst of the sins and in truth its the one where everyone is guilty of at one point or several in their life, heck, ive committed it hundreds of times which is why i kinda see it as laughable for it to be a sin in my view but then in another view the idea of wasting a life is kinda bad, in fairness though no one asked for life, it was just given to us, it is ours to do with what we please. So pfft overall i don’t think it should be considred a sin, as every one has done it and i know ill keep doing it and so will all my friends so why try changing the world to something no one wants.


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