Anything and everything, the ultimate source of useless information


An excessive love of oneself, a hyped view of self importance and the idea that amongst most people you know you are the best, Pride. The biggest problem with Pride comes from the idea of Hubris, the higher up you are, the more powerful you become and overall as your sense of Pride in oneself continues to grow you will ultimately fall and when you do, it will be from a great height and the harder you fall the worse the landing becomes. The Chances are if you rely on your Pride your setting yourself up for an eventual downfall and one that its likely you wont get back up from. Pride is often considered the greatest of the seven deadly sins it is essentially the measurement of ones self worth although its not good to have low self esteem its a mile sight better than the opposite end, when your full of too much Pride in yourself you focus largely on putting yourself continuously before others, and your own self happiness before anything. As it is with Pride, you begin to aim high and push yourself in front of others, like Greed and Envy it follows on from the same idea of taking the glory for yourself but Pride is worse than either of the others, as with it the only thing that matters is the self importance of being the overall best. The idea that its good to push yourself is right but with Pride it pushes you to a completely new level you don’t want to be the best you have to and in the end you’ll most likely do or try anything to get to the top, despite the consequences and despite the sacrifices you don’t care who gets hurt the only thing that matters is that you come first and your Pride stays intact…


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