Anything and everything, the ultimate source of useless information


One can never have too much, the main philosophy of someone consumed by Greed, its a trait we can all have at one time or another. Greed, is or can be seen as at first as simply wanting something, but once you have something, why not go further? why not take more? The main problem with Greed, is often the fact that it never stops, once the object/achievement/aim has been completed, or possessed you don’t just stop you want, no, you rave for more, you just cant help it. It can make you think that your the only one that matters and as such forget what others want, the objects of ones desires become the only thing in existence, the main goal of life is to meet that expectation and claim it. Greed can quite easily consume anyone we all will feel Greed but on a minor scale though others feel it on a much larger scale its easy to see how in the world we live in alot of people come under the label of Greed, whether it be wealth/power/love nothing is ever enough. There is a difference between moving between goals from one to another, and taking one thing and then the next and consuming it, the first option is progress the second is what Greed really is the ability to take everything and give nothing back. By taking everything and consuming it, it leaves the world empty and sorrowful with only the source of Greed having what they desire, through Greed you may get everything you ever wanted, or you might lose yourself and everything you ever had…


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