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Humans as a collective all feel jealousy, to deny it is basically denying humanity. No, we don’t choose to feel it, it just happens, it can sometimes change us completely from who we are into something uncontrollable that we aren’t. Envy is just another word for a greater kind of jealousy.To be honest we all can get jealous very easily, it’s part of how we were born without it we’d lack a fundamental aspect of life, we’d be flawed in our design and a great deal less human. Some aspects of jealousy are good in a way, through jealousy we can sometimes find out from how we feel about, look at and interact with people how much a person can mean to us, those who we thought meant a great deal could mean nothing to you and those you pushed away could mean everything. Jealously, is a constant threat to peoples social lives often being a decideing factor on how we act whether we’re Envy free, calm and relaxed. Or the case could be your fully of envy wishing you were someone else, wishing your life was different, from there you spiral down. Through Envy you’re often lead to hate not because you want to but because it feels right, hate everything because you don’t have it/can’t have it you hate those who do because you believe you’ve been cheated out of life and you hate the fact that they have it and not you, it can leave you a sick and twisted. So jealousy is a natural thing, its normal, but Envy is almost separate, its jealousy with a side of extra hate which can change you completely from a good person to a very, very dark person…


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