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The Sorrow of Losing

Ever notice how the world piles all the negative stuff up and then, unleashes it on its poor unexpecting victim, because life is horrible,its awful and i hate to break it to you, but you’re not gonna make it out alive. Now you think oh well that’s ok i know ill be in heaven after this life, so im not too concerned… I’m giving you dissaproving looks.I don’t see why people get criticised for falling apart, because they get back up and go about there lives as if nothing as happened, how can you mock someone that strong? Maybe, because you fear what you would do if one day you fell apart, if your whole world collapsed, what would you do? like the way we lash out at those we’re closest to, we show them that side of ourselves because we believe that they’re the ones we can truly be ourselves around, even if it’s a dark side of us, deep down its still us. Just for my own sake of mind need to say, I don’t hate, never would never could, I love. I guess and that’s why I push away because i cant stand seeing those eyes and the beauty that lies beneath, and how id never mean as much to her as others, that’s my problem though and I’ll deal with it by myself I don’t want others, either blaming themselves or thinking they need to be a better friend.

Even if you end up screaming your heart out at how much you hate the world, and everyone in it, you cause yourself more pain, why? Because most likely you don’t believe a single thing your saying, you’re practically wishing for that to be your world just so you can hate it. You tell yourself to despise the world, despise your friends and to fill your heart with sorrow… which is wrong. You need to take a deep breath, look at the good in life, and look at the people you care most about. Isn’t there a chance your not always right, maybe they do care but in fact care enough to let you calm down, be yourself. They might even know who you are better than you know yourself, or maybe they just fear pushing you further into darkness, because there a true friend, never saw it like that did you? huh, figures, now I’ve made myself understand……


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