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Last Christmas, I gave you my heart but the very next day you gave it away, this year to save me from tears i’ll give it to someone special. Why would you want to give your heart away to someone you cant trust that’s why it keeps getting broken :P, sometimes you do fall to easily and you trust not because you want to but because it feels natural, i guess. we crave love because it makes us feel wanted and makes us complete, that’s not attention seeking like some people, those people don’t actually have feelings they just crave the attention and drama, the only feelings they care about are there own and how they can gain from you. Love, is just a word used too often and the real meaning has become blurred, i was told my view of love is ‘old fashioned’, well i think they’re wrong the word i used was love which is emotion, feeling and happiness, what they meant was lust, not caring who or why but just that the attention is focused on them. Too many people these days Lust, there don#t seem to be many people who actually fall in love, and those that do are in actuality just Lusting and end it after a few days/weeks maybe. That’s what gets me the most i know several genuinely good people who are close friends, who have actual feelings of love but everyone of them just get played by the Lust-ers. Then i have other sort of friends who after getting out of a relationship complain about how they’d rather never have loved and lost, which in my view is kinda selfish, then they almost instantly move on and enter another relationship, where, yep, you guessed it there in love again, these days Love is misused not ‘old-fashioned’ im not stuck in the past your just mis-using the word i believe your after the word, Lust.


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